Start of Chair_Jump_Chute

In this blog we will describe the working process towards the interactive installation Chair_Jump_Chute. This installation will be presented in  the EYE museum, 15-20 March 2016 in Amsterdam.

From the site of the fund:

CHAIR_JUMP_CHUTE is an interactive, performative installation by Marloeke van der Vlugt. The concept has taken its inspiration from  the choreography ‘Antic Meet’ by Merce Cunningham. In the original performance (1958) a chair, a knitted sweater with four arms and the costumes made out of parachutes played a very important role. Van der Vlugt takes these elements from the original performance and translates them into a contemporary performative and interactive installation. Through the integration of technology Van der Vlugt lets the elements communicate with each other and with the audience who – as a result of this interaction – become the performers themselves. Like this Van der Vlugt continues to develop the work of Cunningham who experimented with new technologies and various forms of audience perception himself .

CHAIR_JUMP_CHUTE is produced by Cinedans in cooperation with Stichting LOENA. The installation will have its premiere at the Cinedans festival in filmmuseum EYE in Amsterdam, and will tour from that moment on.




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