Everything is considered as (digital)input with Chair_Jump_Chute. Today one of the focus points was the floor. The floor is pretty important as Merce’s drawings of his choreographies are almost burnt on out retina’s and what would a dancer be without a stage?

We see the floor as a great way to get input from the participants and as way to give feedback by lighting it from above of below. However, it’s important that the focus of the participants stays with the interaction of their movements in relation to the Chutes and not to the floor. The floor is nice for the overall picture – it gives the interaction with the chair a performative quality – but is not meant to be the leading part of the installation.

During the projection last week we noticed that standing in a bright spotlight results in hard shadows and that if you have interaction in the projection or lighting, it is pretty confusing if you are standing in that same light. That’s why, without much hesitance, we agreed on sanded perspex or glass for now. It is a great way to light a floor from below without making it too bright as the light source can be placed on the edges of the material.


How can we manage a type of lighting so that the participant is center of the performance but not distract from the goal: interacting with the chutes and chair? We don’t want it to become a carnaval nor a disco. We’d like, ever so slightly, to light the area where the participant stands. For now we tested it with bright colors but once we’ve got the pressure sensors working the light will be soft with a hint of RGB.

The floor at this point will mostly work ‘stand alone’. It will light up the moment a participant stands on it. This specific trigger in combination with a trigger from the chair/sweater will turn the installation on. From then on the lights will travel with the participants’ position and movements – for instance when he/she is standing in a corner, the light will move to another corner, like this motivating the participant to move over the floor.

For next week, if everything goes well, we wil test pressure sensors with lighting and maybe join the data from the accelerometers in the chair, just to see what that would be like. No ‘nightfevering’ on our dancefloor!



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