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Today we’ve tested the red/white chute again. This time with the right fans; two 35cm diameter fans and one 45 cm diameter fan. The airflow is much stronger from the bigger fan since the motor is 40 watts stronger. With that in mind, we positioned the bigger fan further away from the chute. By placing the fan at a distance of four and a half meters, the wind has a delay. Now, when the participant moves, he’ll turn on the fans but a few seconds later the chute will react. This makes that the chute is following your movement but in a strange way also directs your next moves. Will you let the chute hang still, turn around or spread wide open?

This test is done with a different fabric then the one we will use in the final chute but even now, with this slightly heavier fabric, it dances in the wind.

Click here to see a video of the tests

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