Wednesday we’ve tried to make a chair that acts like a spring loaded figure, like we all know from our childhood.

The idea originated from the thought that it would be nice to have a chair that could limit your movements but with a flick of a switch act like it’s legs were made out of rubber and mimic the movements the participator makes.

It wasn’t as easy as we thought, the force needed to tension the legs is way to much so that everybody can do it, it took two man and four big hands to get it to the right tension. After we got it tightened it lost tension within 15 minutes. After watching some adorable handmade spring puppet video’s we realized that it’s elastic cord inside the puppets, not just rope. After comparing the legs with rope to the legs with elastic cord; elastic cord is the way to go. It’s more natural then a tightened spring. On the other hand, to get the tension out of the elastic cord much more distance is needed. This is a tough one.

to be continued…


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